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How late can we arrive?

We ask all campers to arrive by 10pm. 

Do you allow music?

No. Lots of people stay at Cuckoo Fen because of our no music policy, so you can only play music/radio/TV through headphones/earbuds etc.

Can we play music if it's really quiet?​​

If you're really keen to play music, then Cuckoo Fen probably isn't for you. It's really not possible to play music outdoors and be certain that nobody else can hear it.

Do you have a communal fridge or freezer on site?

Sorry, no. But you can get bags of ice from the shop in the village.

When do we need to be quiet from?

Our quiet time is from 11pm. Whilst we try not to be too dictatorial generally, we're fairly strict on this, so please make sure everybody knows this and please bear in mind that it's basically impossible to stay up beyond 11 without disturbing others, especially if you're a larger group.

What time do we need to leave?

As a rule it's midday, but we're generally very relaxed about this. Friday is the only day you really need to be away by then.

Can I reserve space next to me for my friends?

You don't need to. Because we don't cram campers in, there is always room for you to make sure you can camp near friends and family. Just make sure the first arrival in your group saves enough space for you all.

Can I book the whole site for a gathering or party?

Sorry, no, we don't do whole site bookings and group bookings are limited to four families/pitches or 18 people.

What is a pitch and how many will I need to book?

We don't have fixed pitches as such - you can just help yourself to a patch of grass. When booking, you'll generally need one pitch per family or tent or van. If you have an additional small tent which is just being used by one or two of your party to sleep in, then you won't need to book a separate pitch for that, as long as the total number of people on the pitch doesn't go over the limit when you book.

Can I bring a gazebo/shelter?

Yes, and there's no extra charge

Is my van small enough to come to Cuckoo Fen?

If your van is not a 'coach built' motor home and is not longer than 7m, then it is fine.

Can I bring my dog?

Of course - as long as it's not on the dangerous dogs list and it is not usually noisy. Also, it will need to be on a lead whenever it's outside your tent, van or car.

Can I park next to my pitch?

Yes. But any extra cars must be parked in the parking area away from the camping areas.

Can we have a fire?

Yes, but it must in a fire pit/bowl at least 10 inches off the ground.

Can I park next to my pitch?

Yes - you can have one car at each pitch booked. Extra cars are allowed, but must be parked in the parking area away from the camping areas.

Do you have firepits and fire wood for sale?

We have firepits available for you to borrow at no charge and we sell firewood on site. You can also order and pay for firewood when you book.

Can I bring my own fire wood?

Yes, by all means, but it must be raw wood and not processed or waste timber, pallet wood etc.

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